Tech Heads Lock Horns

Two leading tech investors are engaged in a bitter feud.

The Tesla crash was much discussed around the world, and it has unveiled a controversial topic: is Warren Buffet leading an attack on Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk?

Musk sure thinks so and claims that Buffet is behind an article published last week that attacked Tesla Motors and its CEO for withholding information from shareholders.

Musk might be onto something. What could be behind this squabble? Nothing other than money.

Tech Heads Lock Horns

The 85-year-old financier owns NV Energy, the state of Nevada’s old-line utility, which was previously caught in a battle with Musk’s Solar City. While Musk is now trying to merge NV Energies with Tesla.

The two tech rivals in the automotive industry might just be rehashing their feud out in the open.

Only one question remains: who will be the victor?

It usually is Buffett, that’s why we have a strategy devoted solely to following his every investment move. See for yourself.


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