Most Followed Billionaires and Stocks

Top 5 most followed billionaires and stocks by the iBillioanire users

Most Followed Billionaires

 1. Bill Ackman: Many argue that Bill Ackman is the next Warren Buffett. The May cover of a calls Ackman the Baby Buffett. However, based on the following in our app, Bill Ackman is already ahead of the Oracle of Omaha. The billionaire activist takes the number one position with the most followers. His publicly disclosed equity portfolio is up 22.38% in one year. Last year alone, Pershing Square returned $4.5B, and Ackman became one of the most closely watched investors today.Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.34.51 PM 2. Warren Buffett: Even though he is number two on our list, Warren Buffett is on the watch list of most investors and finance enthusiasts. Most recently, Buffett has been gaining popularity among kids also, through an animated program that teaches grade-school children about investing.


 3. George Soros: With a portfolio value of 10B and a personal net worth of 23B, George Soros comes third. Soros made headlines recently, as a result of his article for The New York Review of Books. In the article, the billionaire argues that the U.S needs to partner with China to avoid World War.

 4. Carl Icahn: Despite having a few turbulent quarters since 2014, Carl Icahn remains in top five most followed billionaires. Icahn’s investment portfolio is down roughly six percent in one year. But, savvy investors recognize that volatility is an inevitable part of the investment process.

Most recently, Icahn’s iBillionaire followers were notified about the billionaire’s sell of 1.4M Netflix shares valued at $933M.

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 5. Thomas Steyer: Thomas Steyer’s Farallon Capital is the fifth most followed portfolio in our app. In one year, the $6.85B fund returned 16.72%, gaining popularity among our users and Wall Street followers. The fund’s most notable move this quarter is their new half-billion position in Pharmacyclics Inc (NYSE:PCYC).

Most Followed Stocks

1.Apple (NYSE:AAPL)Apple is not only the most followed stock by our users, but one the billionaires’ highest conviction positions also. Last quarter, the billionaires bought 4M shares of Apple. Carl Icahn has the highest Apple exposure, with a 20.48% allocation. David Einhorn also has a significant 12.09% stake. The Apple stock returned 43% in one year for investors. Apple is part of the iBillioare Index (NYSE:IBLN).

 2. PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals (NYSE:PTBI)With the Nasdaq Biotech Index (NYSE:NBI) up roughly 240% since 2012, biotech stocks are closely watched this year. Plasma Tech is no exception. The company focuses on developing gene therapy and plasma-based products for severe and life-threatening rare diseases. George Soros holds a $785K stake, acquired at an average price of $4.52 per share.

*On June 22, the company changed its name to Abeona Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ABEO)

 3. Alibaba (NYSE:BABA)Alibaba is the 3 most watched stock by our users. George Soros and Julian Robertson most likely watch the stock just as closely. BABA is the largest equity position in Soros and Robertson’ portfolio with an allocation of 3.64% and 8.8% respectively. Dan Loeb most likely dropped BABA from his watchlist. Last quarter, the billionaire sold off his Alibaba shares.

4. Maxlinear (NYSE:MXL)Number four on our most watched list is Maxlinear. Maxlinear is a provider of integrated, radio-frequency and mixed-signal circuits for broadband communication and data center. The company’s primary revenue source is the cable market, and it is well exposed to growth of digital TV in emerging markets. This potential upside might explain the stock’s popularity. George Soros has a $6M stake in Maxlinear, acquired at an average price of $9.28 per share.

5. Valeant Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:VRX)With an astonishing 1-year annual return of 94%, Valeant is certainly a stock to watch. And the upside could continue. A Valeant spokesman recently announce: “We are continuing to focus on building diversified, durable businesses with strong organic growth platforms and pursuing disciplined business development opportunities (…). With 2015 off to a strong start, we are well positioned for another year of outperformance.”

Last quarter, the billionaires bought 17M VRX shares. The stock is the highest position in Bill Ackman’s portfolio with a 25.8% allocation.Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.44.17 PMInterested in the billionaires’ highest conviction stock? Visit our iBillionaire Index (NYSE:IBLN)!


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