Facebook & Mondelez Earnings Reports – What You Need To Know

Income, revenue — and what it all means for investors.

These are the highlights from two of the most long-awaited earnings reports.

3Q earnings report



  • Daily user count is up 17%.
  • Calculations indicate that usage is still stable; meaning that people aren’t using the social network less as it expands and ages.
  • Searches are also up, but Facebook stated that it doesn’t plan to monetize on that. Yet.
  • Revenue from advertising almost doubled.
  • Profit hit the $2.05 BN mark, up from $719 million just a year ago.
  • It also has $23 BN in cash on hand to make new acquisitions. None were announced, for the time being.



  • Organic revenues grew by 1.3%
  • Revenue lagged $6.302 billion, decreasing by 18%.
  • They also announced plans to expand in China, introducing their Milka brand of chocolates into the market.


Investors will be happy to reap the very tangible profits from their Facebook investment as reflected in the surge in their stock. Mondelez investors have not seen much of a jolt, but the plans for expansion and their decision to enter the Chinese market sound quite promising.

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