Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Talk Friendship, Optimism & Investing

Bill Gates has pulled out all the stops to celebrate Warren Buffett’s 50th year at Berkshire Hathaway, including a video interview with the Oracle himself.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have a combined net worth of over $150 billion – and they’ve developed quite a friendship over the years.

Gates has written latest chapter in their billionaire bromance, pulling out all the stops to celebrate Buffett’s 50 years at Berkshire Hathaway. On Tuesday, he penned an ode to the Oracle of Omaha on his blog entitled 50 Years of Warren’s Wisdom.

“Two years ago I wrote about three things I have learned from Warren,” he wrote. “It boils down to this: He is always encouraging Melinda and me to tackle tough problems and have the courage to make mistakes. Luckily for Berkshire’s shareholders—and for everyone involved with the dozens of businesses in the Berkshire family—Warren follows this wisdom himself. For the better part of 50 years, he has been thinking big, and we are all better off for it.”

Gates also published a video interview with Buffett recorded at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting in early May.

The two talked the early years of their friendship (bridge and golf), optimism and Buffett’s unwavering approach to investing.

“The rules work,” he quipped. “They’re not the easiest to apply. They won’t tell you exactly what to buy or sell, obviously. But you’ll never do anything stupid if you follow some fairly simple principles.”

See the full interview below:


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