How to Invest in Google and Amazon Without Paying $800 per Share

Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Ever heard of them?

Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. There’s a reason why these tech companies are some of the most talked about names in the world. And now you can invest in these 4 game changing companies for as little as $5. It’s no secret that if you had invested in one of these companies 5 years ago you would be laughing your way to the bank today! Let’s take a look at the growth of these 4 companies over the last 5 years:

Company NASDAQ
March 30, 2012 March 28, 2017 5 Yr Growth
Apple AAPL 85.65 143.80 68%
Google GOOGL 320.94 840.63 162%
Facebook FB 38.23* 141.76 271%
Amazon AMZN 202.51 856.00 323%
* as of May 18, 2012. Source: Google Finance.


Wow, Amazon stock is up over 300% over the past 5 years! How can I invest in a company like this?

If you were to invest in the traditional way using a stock broker and placing an order for just one share of Amazon, you would be paying over $800 per share as of today’s date. Yikes! Out of the 4 companies above, the lowest price per share is still well over $100. How on earth can a normal person invest in all 4 of these shares at an affordable price?The way to do it is through iBillionaire’s TECH strategy. From just $5, you can own a piece of these companies without having to pay the hefty price tag. If you were to buy 1 of each share, the value that you would need to set aside would be close to $2000, a daunting investment for the everyday saver! On the other hand, the iBillionaire strategy is split evenly between Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon and you can start investing from as little as $5. Yes, for $5 you can invest in all 4! With your investment into the TECH strategy, 25% will be invested in each of these 4 tech companies that are set to dominate the next decade.

The great thing about iBillinaire’s platform is that you can also set aside a portion of you account to be automatically invested in the TECH strategy on a weekly or monthly basis. Although you may only be able to invest $5 today, if you save just $5 every single week your little stash will soon grow into a big pile. If you auto-invest on a regular basis, before you know it, you will have a sizeable amount of money set aside that is being invested in 4 of the biggest tech names of our generation.

It’s no wonder why the TECH strategy is one of the most popular savings plans on the iBillionaire platform for investors. Why not join them?

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