Weekly News, February 27, 2016

The week in billionaire events

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Warren Buffett’s celebrated annual letter to investors is here! Read More…

unnamed-2 A few billionaire investors spoke at a private event in New York this week to discuss their market views. Daniel S. Loeb, Nelson Peltz, Mary Lasry and Bill Ackman were among the attendees. Read More…unnamed“We’ve actually increased our net exposure over the course of the month as some of these selloffs have created silly prices for securities.” Dan Loeb. Read More…unnamed-3“Think of three types of ‘savings accounts.’ The great one pays an extraordinarily high interest rate that will rise as the years pass. The good one pays an attractive rate of interest that will be earned also on deposits that are added. Finally, the gruesome account both pays an inadequate interest rate and requires you to keep adding money at those disappointing returns.” Warren Buffett. Which one do you have? Read More…

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.05.47 PMForbes discusses how mobile technology can help millennials invest and mentions iBillionaire. Read More…

Auto Dep

It is the month end, so do not forget about our Automatic Savings Feature!
The Auto Savings tool allows you to set automatic transfers from your bank account to your iBillionaire account monthly. The transfers will be executed during the first week of each month.

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