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4Q2015 Macroeconomic Environment

The fourth quarter of 2015 was a turbulent time for U.S. equity markets. The market volatility
was caused mainly by China’s economic slowdown and the Federal Reserve’s policy-tightening. The price of oil and other commodities remained low while the U.S. dollar rose against most other currencies. These negative factors continued to affect equity markets in 2016. Global equity benchmarks are down 10% or more this year, and every industry has declined from 2015’s record high. Even though financial stocks have declined over 25% while the decreases in energy and commodities exceeded 30%, U.S. equities held better compared to other developed and emerging markets.

4Q2015 Billionaire Portfolios Rebalance

On February 16th, we rebalanced the portfolios included on our iBillionaire Capital platform to reflect the most recent 13F filings of the billionaires. Learn more about some of the most significant moves we observed.

Warren Buffett Takes Sizable Energy Stake

Warren Buffett had a busy quarter adding to his energy exposure. His largest energy investments are in Kinder Morgan and Phillips 66. The billionaire bought 26.5 million shares of Kinder Morgan worth almost $400 million. Over the last 12 months Kinder Morgan’s lost over 65% in value as a result of low commodities prices. Billionaires such as Buffett and Tepper took advantage of the stock’s decline to boost their stakes. Buffett’s energy play does not stop with Kinder Morgan. Since the begging of 2016, the billionaire invested over $1 billion in the oil refinery Phillips 66 – on top of the $5 billion previously invested in the company. Berkshire disposed 12.7 million shares of AT&T and now holds a $1.6 billion stake. Read More…

David Tepper Also Bets Heavily on Energy

David Tepper’s U.S. long equity exposure increased 75% this quarter and it is now up to $5 billion. More than a third of Tepper’s new additions are in the energy sector. The billionaire’s biggest energy purchases are Energy Transfer Partners and Kinder Morgan. Tepper added over 5 million shares of Energy Transfer and 9.4 million shares of Kinder Morgan. Warren Buffett and George Soros also disclosed large stakes in the Houston pipeline Kinder Morgan. Additionally, Tepper almost doubled his exposure to Alphabet (NYSE:GOOG), Google’s parent company by adding 349,500 shares. Appaloosa’s top sells are NXP Semiconductors, General Motors, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, JetBlue and Apple. Read More…

Carl Icahn has Big Plans for AIG

During the fourth quarter, AIG, the multinational insurance giant captured the attention of activist investors such as Carl Icahn and John Paulson. Icahn has been pressing AIG to split into three separate businesses since 2015. Last week, both Icahn and Paulson own two seats on AIG’s board of directors. AIG was Carl Icahn’s top purchase in Q4. The billionaire now holds more than 40 million shares or 3.4%
of the company. Read More…

Icahn’s top Q4 sell came as a surprise. The billionaire, a long-time supporter of Apple, sold $7 million shares of the company during the quarter. Read more…

Dan Loeb Disposes Event-Driven Stocks and Chinese Exposure

Dan Loeb moved away from the event driven space and stocks tied to the troubling Chinese economy by reducing his exposure to Yum! Brands and Kraft Heinz. Loeb sold over 90% of both stakes. Third Point also reduced his eBay stake by 5 million shares. On the other hand, the billionaire added a new position in Morgan Stanley and boosted his Allergan stake to $1.7 billion. Read More…

Bill Ackman Reduces Valeant Stake in Q4. Adds more in February 2016.

Bill Ackman’s portfolio remains largely unchanged with eight large equity positions. Pershing Square’s largest position is now Air Products and Chemicals. The company represents almost a quarter of Ackman’s U.S. long equity portfolio. During the fourth quarter ending on Dec 31, 2015, the billionaire reduced his stake of Valeant.  a February 4th filing with the SEC Ackman disclosed an increase Valeant stake from 8.5% to 9%. According to a February 4th filing with the SEC Ackman disclosed an increase Valeant stake from 8.5% to 9%. Read More…

David Einhorn Targets Macy’s and Exits Micron

David Einhorn’s top buy this quarter was Macy’s. The billionaire added a 6.7 million share stake in the American retailer. In a letter to investors, Einhorn says Macy’s could be a takeover target and believes the company has tremendous unlocked value in its real estate holdings. Einhorn’s other top buys in Q4 were Avangrid, Time Warner, Myaln, and Allergan. Micron and Apple were among Einhorn’s top sells. Greenlight exited its Micron position and almost halved its Apple stake. Read More… 

Along with the iBillionaire strategies, we rebalanced our iBillionaire Index.
The iBillionaire Index is comprised of the 30 large-cap U.S. stocks in which a pool of leading U.S. billionaires has allocated the most assets this quarter.Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.36.57 PMDownload our App!



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