Tech companies have come to dominate the world

All the companies represented in our AGAF strategy are now in top 10 largest companies in the word

Goldman Sachs recently released their  100th issue of its Fornightly Thoughts report, and  one of the most interesting graphs included in the report is the top 20 companies by size in 2015. For the first time, five companies that made the top 10 are in the technology sector.

gs top 10Source: Goldman Sachs 

The largest company by market cap in 2015  remained Apple (NYSE:AAPL), followed by Alphabet (NYSE:GOOG) and Microsoft (NYSE:MSFT). Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) dropped to the number fourth position, and it was replaced by Microsoft.  Amazon (NYSE: AMZN) took the number sixth position, followed by Facebook (NYSE:FB) on seventh. The only financial company that made the top 10 is Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC). In terms or market-cap, technology companies dominated all other sectors in 2015.

Apple (NYSE:AAPL), Alphabet (NYSE:GOOG), Amazon (NYSE: AMZN), Facebook (NYSE:FB) are the four companies included in our recently launched AGAF strategy.  The strategy is available though our iBillionaire Capital app. You can now own fractional share of all four stocks starting with as little as $100.

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