How we replicate a billionaire’s portfolio with as little as $100

Fractional shares are a great technique to diversify your investment portfolio and put every penny to work.

Let’s assume you would like to invest $100 in technology stocks and you are bullish on Google, Facebook and Apple. Next, you go on a stock exchange where you plan to buy the shares. But you encounter a problem. Today, a Google share alone is $791, while the Facebook and Apple shares trade at $129 and $112 respectively. Since on a stock exchanges you can only trade whole shares, your $100 will not allow you to participate in Google, Apple or Facebook at all.

This is where we can help. Our technology allows us to buy fractional shares so every penny gets invested exactly where you want it – even when those stocks are higher than your minimum investment amount. Since iBillionaire investment accounts can start with  $30, our clients’ positions will often be fractional and down to 1/10th points of a share. By buying fractional shares, we make sure every dollar is invested and diversified across the strategy of your choice.

With as little as $30 you essentially receive the same diversification as in a billionaire’s portfolio. Below you have an example from January 2016 of how $100 invested through our mobile app in Bill Ackman’s equity portfolio looks like.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.46.14 PM

The table shows Bill Ackman’s equity positions based on his public 13F filing and the fractional shares (Qty) we had to buy in order to replicate it with $100. We do not charge for these trades or rebalancing. We charge a fixed 0.9% annual fee for accounts over $1k and $1/month for accounts below $1k.

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