Billionaire Spotlight: David Einhorn

“I was never a believer that the markets are efficient.”

David Einhorn is recognized for his short selling strategy and for anticipating some of the biggest fallouts on Wall Street. Einhorn’s fund has generated an average 25% in annualized net returns by investing primarily in publicly traded American companies and selling off in anticipation of a price drop.

Einhorn’s investment vehicle is Greenlight Capital, his $8.6 billion hedge fund co-founded in 1996. According to Forbes’ most recent billionaires’ ranking, David Einhorn is 85th on the highest-earning hedge fund managers list in 2015.


Allied Capital (2002): In 2002, Einhorn recognized that the private equity firm Allied Capital overvalued its illiquid securities. This led to a publicized feud between Einhorn and Allied between 2002 and 2008. In 2008, the SEC found that indeed, Allied did not comply with laws regarding accounting and valuations of illiquid assets. By September 2008, Allied Capital’s stock fell by more than half their value as one of its portfolio companies went bankrupt. A year later, Allied agreed to be purchased by Ares Capital. The sale was confirmed in 2010 with Allied closing for the last time at $5 a share. And David Einhorn was proven to be right.

Lehman Brothers (2007): In 2007 David Einhorn became one of the most talked about investors on Wall Street in the aftermath of his short bet on Lehman Brothers. The billionaire identified that Lehman was exposed to illiquid real estate assets that had been wrongly accounted for. This culminated with the filing of a $2.8 billions loss that led to Lehman’s 2008 bankruptcy filing. Einhorn’s short bet proved to be right once again.

Latest (2016): At the beginning of 2016 Einhorn’s Greenlight purchased 8.5 million shares of SunEdison, the largest global renewable energy manufacturer. In January, SunEdison has agreed to give Einhorn a seat on its board  of directors and said it would improve some of its policies. Read More…

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